The head background
The head background
  • Free
  • Open
  • Lower barrier

Relying on CAISA architecture, Corerain AI application development platform provides computing resources for the top-level AI application development.

  • Fully Covered

    Fully Covered

  • Vertically Integrated

    Vertically Integrated

  • Framework Independent

    Framework Independent

  • Professional Agile

    Professional Agile

  • Efficiency Oriented

    Efficiency Oriented

  • Open Platform

    Open Platform

Problem Solved

  • Chip performance

    CAISA architecture chip and compiler platform that feature high performance,

    low power and low latency

    Chip performance

  • Information redundancy

    3x Increase in Per-Unit Computing Power

    Information redundancy

  • Development cost

    Supporting fully automated development from data to front-end AI applications within 2-4 weeks

    Development cost

  • Development threshold

    Free and open. Everyone can become an AI application developer

    Development threshold

Platform Architecture

Taking Care of Every Steps of Your AI Application Develop

AI Application Layer

AI Application Layer

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AI Algorithm Layer

Support common deep learning networks: ResNet, VGG, SSD, Yolo, Unet

AI Algorithm Layer
AI Framework Layer

AI Framework Layer

Supported open source framework: TensorFlow, Caffee, OpenVINO

Corerain framework with automatic training and optimisation

End-to-end solution with predefined network through web based interface


AI Tool Chain Layer

Rainbuilder tool chain provides end-to-end development environment

Flexible front-end for user defined network model

Implemented algorithms for network fusion and network compression

Web based interface simplifying logistic

On premise or cloud deployment for maximum security and privacy control

AI Tool Chain Layer
AI Hardware Layer

AI Hardware Layer

CAISA architecture

Rainman platform for edge computing

Nebula platform for high performance computing

Flexible test-bed for developers through modular hardware design and industry standard interface


Software Infrastructure Layer

Linux OS with installed device driver for the Corerain accelerator card

Runtime including I/O service, deep learning network parsing, JIT firmware and user application API

Acceleration engine virtualisation and time sharing task management and thread management

Software Infrastructure Layer
Hardware Infrastructure Layer

Hardware Infrastructure Layer

Servers with installed Corerain accelerator card

Cloud storage and interconnect

How to use

How to use

Application Deployment

Application Deployment

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